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Company Profile Integrating with the most advanced lubricating technology in the world, Germany Optic Bio-Lubricant Technology Company is a professional manu……
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Double horse machinery designated oil
2008 Hong Kong beautiful Ming machine designated oil
Terry machine designated oil
In 2008, the sea is too machine designated oil
In 2009, the sea is too machine designated oil
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  In 2011, LG injection molding machine oil
  2009 station intersection
  German headquarters technical seminar
  2008 earthquake relief
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  Optic 700 White Lubricating Grease
  Optic 701 Damping Lubricating Grease
  Optic 703 Low Noise Lubricating Grease
  0ptic 710 High Temperature Lubricating
  Optic 725 Complex Lithium Lubricating
  Optic 720 Lithium Lubricating Grease
  Optic 721 EP Lithium Lubricating
  Optic 722 Molybdenum Disulfide Lithium-based
  Optic 140 EP Gear Oil
  Optic 148 Synthetic EP Gear Oil